Can Raising My Vitamin D Deficiency Lower My Calcium Levels?

Vitamin d is a fat soluble vitamin which keeps the level calcium and phosphate normal in blood through absorbing normal quantity of calcium and phosphate entrails. Along with improving immune system and muscles of body, this vitamin absorbs calcium and keeps its level balanced. This helps to maintain body in good condition.

On the other hand Calcium is an ingredient of bones that has vital function to keep proficient contraction of body. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is a hormone which secrets due to lack of calcium in bones. PHT impinges on calcium level in result the calcium release from bones which is a major cause of osteoporosis.

Both of them are necessary components for a healthier body system and directly related with each other. If fall of calcium level appears in body, it means the calcitriol hormone; a building unit of vitamins d is not taking action synergistically with PHT. Vitamins converted into Calcittiol through process of body regulations resulting either increase or decrease of calcium amount. When there is vitamins D deficiency levels in intestine, the persistency in digestion of calcium occurred.

Vitamins d are usually absorbed through intestines so if assimilation of vitamin D becomes unable it causes inability of calcium absorption also. Bones potency mainly concerns with deficiency or efficiency of vitamins d as well as of calcium quantity.

Research of endocrinologists revealed through series of biochemical tests the hypocalcaemia the low presence of calcium serum in blood due to vitamin D deficiency levels that caused by malfunctions parathyroid hormones PHT.
Usually the fortified milk can not strengthen the bones because intestines are not working well in absorbing element of calcium from diet. Getting proper vitamins D help in removing parathyroid tumor and produce high serum calcium in bones.

The hydroxylation of vitamins d should be effective to raise calcium level in blood but the high degree of PTH in chronic renal failures, produces low calcium level. The higher degree of PHT is due to the infection in parathyroid hormones which causes infection in the hydroxylation of vitamins D which bear out the failure in normal level of calcium.

Recent researchers claim that in some cases the body of patient is trying to protect it from the high calcium, and causing vitamin d deficiency levels through converting one form (Vit-D-25) to another form (Vit_D_1_25). However the incidence of vitamin d deficiency levels causing absence of calcium in bones is under analyses of endocrinologists.