Is 2000 Iu of Vitamin D Safe?

Vitamin d is also known as sunlight vitamin and it is naturally produced in human body through skin it is required by our body to maintain the blood calcium and phosphorus level. It helps in proper growth of bones and teeth. And found in two main forms D2 and D3. It’s an essential component that a human body requires. Generally vitamin we required can be obtained easily by our direct exposure to the sunlight. According to the scientists vitamin D 2000 IU is regular daily need of our body. But it’s difficult to fulfill due to our decreasing trend of going in the direct sun light. Although its natural way of producing vitamin D and it can fulfill our vitamin D requirement in 10 minute direct exposure in the body but due to increasing cases of skin cancer by the ultraviolet rays the trend is increasing to avoid direct sun exposure and also changing lifestyles people prefer to pass their day indoors. So the result is that the people are not getting vitamin d which is causing an increase in the rate of vitamin D deficiency patients.

Vitamin D 2000 IU Daily: in view of 18 Experts in university of California eighteen researchers agree on that the daily requirement of a normal human being of vitamin D is 2000 international units Which is ten time more than the presently recommended one. Currently used vitamin D is 200 IU for people up to 50 years, 400 IU for 51 years to 70, 600 IU for above 70, which is far less in accordance with this research.

According to the 18 researchers who singed that statement Vitamin D 2000 IU daily is suitable for most of the adults. According to Norman, an international expert on vitamin D. “This intake is the National Academy of Sciences/Institute of Medicine’s upper limit for daily intake, and is 400 IU less than the National Academy of Sciences/Institute of Medicine’s ‘no adverse health effect’ level.

This vitamin d 2000 IU daily can be achieved with combined intake of supplements, food and sunshine exposure. But this chapter I not close yet and is under discussion by different scientists and doctors.

The leading researcher Norman stressed that the people who received adequate vitamin D have less chances of breast cancer, colon cancer and diabetes type 1. These effects can be shown within 5 years of start of vitamin D intake. Norman is a man who has researched on vitamin D for more than 45 years. He is one of the pioneers who discovered that vitamin D is converted into steroid hormone in the body.

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