Lack of Vitamin D Symptoms and Causes

Vitamin D is commonly known as the “sun shine vitamin” because it is produced by the direct exposure to the sun light. It’s an essential component that a human body requires. Deficiency in vitamin d is a critical issue and need a close attention and treat them accordingly don’t take it lightly. The below mentioned are some of the common symptoms of lack of vitamin D.


The balanced intake of vitamin and mineral on regular basic is necessary for a human body to work properly. There is a lot of information available regarding importance of the nutrients and what are the souses of these nutrients. For a healthy life all these nutrients should be eaten in a balance diet.

The one of the most important vitamins for body is vitamin D, and also you can easily found if there is a lack of vitamin D in the body if you know the symptoms the symptoms well. But if these symptoms will not treat properly can be very harmful for your body. The given are some of the easily recognize able symptoms of lack of vitamin D symptoms. If some of the symptoms you found immediately go to the doctor and take some measures for tackle it.

• Rickets: or the weakness of bones is one of the biggest of lack of vitamin D symptoms. Weak bones are the most recognize able feature of vitamin d. but it usually occur at elder age.
• Inflammatory bowel disease: it’s also an important symptom so the people having abnormal bowel habit should be aware of this.
• Obesity: people who are obese are more common in showing the symptoms of lack of vitamin D.
• Some other symptoms are knock kneed appearance, low blood calcium level, high blood pressure, depression, and chronic fatigue etc.

Causes of Lack of Vitamin D Symptoms

The main reasons why the vitamin d deficiency occurs are given below.
• Low use of food enrich in vitamin D.
• Less exposure to direct sun light.
• Failure of kidney to convert vitamin D.
• Dark skin shade of some people.
• Lack of absorbing of vitamin D.
• Extensive use of sun blocks and sun screen.
• In some cases age and heredity.

If any of above listed lack of vitamin D symptoms in you than don’t panic Just go to the doctor he will suggest you the supplements you need according to your problem either short term or long term which suites you better. But don’t panic as there are cures and remedies available to tackle this lack.

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