Is 2000 Iu of Vitamin D Too Much?

As stated earlier, the absence or low levels of this vitamin causes many diseases in man; the over supply at the same time poses a risk which is equally disastrous. Many standards are being circulated all over from many institutions that are concern with nutrition and one area that is coming up very well is the intake of 2000IU of this vitamin daily. This is the set dietary intake reference for all to follow if possible. The required intake for children and adults that can be tolerated without any hitch is 50mg/day or 2000IU per day. This has been found to give organ stability and allow room for normal body processes to proceed without feeling any stress.

In cases of overdose therefore, scenes of nausea set in; sometimes hypercalcemia, weakness and general nervousness. This if not immediately alleviated, grows into the renal area and may cause kidney failure. Vitamin D toxicity is harmful and it is well treated only by immediate discontinuation of any supplementation or instant withdrawal of the vitamin treatment. This situation is applicable across the board and may even be worse with expectant mothers. In such situations, a medical practitioner must be at hand to give guidance on which direction to follow. In pregnancy, any increase in the vitamin intake results in a condition known as hypercalcemia which raises sensitivity of the fetus. This brings in a chaotic state leading to mental abnormalities like retardation and other deformities. In all these scenarios, we are talking about an intake of over 1200mg or 50,000IU per day. Infants can tolerate up to 25mg or 1000IU per day; while anything in the range of 1000mg or 40,000IU per day is enough to cause toxicity.

Sunshine exposure for a short period is known to provide more than enough supply of vitamin D in most cases. There is no known harm at all; irrespective of your melanin concentration, about 20 minutes of exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun is just enough. To maintain equilibrium that is not harmful to body cells and not adequate for the body cells to operate well, the choice of food must be considered. In nature there will be food stuffs that supply huge amounts of this vitamin; animal products especially when taken in huge quantities are known to cause more harm than good. A combination of the suns rays and optimum food intake is proper for good dieting. Many fish species too supply abundant quantities of vitamin D; and you are allowed to venture into this area cautiously so as not to over do in terms of capacity required. The cod fish and sardine especially are good suppliers. The 2000 IU measure means your body can get practically everything and operate with ease without any need to supplement at all. This will mean you can avoid any attacks from any microbes and even cancer cannot come near. The body calcium and phosphorus intake will not be disturbed therefore at no time will the body run short of the element.