Relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and fatigue

Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins required by the body for many normal functions to proceed. It is mainly provided through food, food supplements, sun shine or drugs that may be administered to heal a case. The body supply of vitamin D is measured in international units (IU); every time you are suppose to be on any supply this measurement term must come up. Every human being require close to 4000IU every day which when translated, comes to drinking around 40 glasses or milk daily. For those who get exposed to the sun, the situation is pretty easy for them. The scientists have measured and confirmed that every human being is capable of raising up to 20,000 units of this vitamin when they expose themselves to the sun.

For one reason or another, deficiency comes about as a result of deprivation. The surrounding circumstances of food scarcity, brings about this problem in many community set ups. The many health problems associated with this are heart disease, arthritis, depression, hypertension, osteoporosis, muscle weakness and wasting and the resultant general fatigue. Using many scientific models, the absence of the daily limit of vitamin D will surely precipitate all kinds of syndromes. Chronic fatigue sets in when levels fall below the level of 50nl/mL. Consistent indication of mental derangement comes up and is associated fully with this vitamin deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency has placed a great strain on many bodily functions where scientists have come again to associate the presence of the adequate amount of the vitamin as a perfect remedy for these ailments. The myriad of ailments associated with low intake or absence of the vitamin therefore, precipitates nothing else but fatigue in a massive capacity.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is another major disability brought about by the absence of adequate amounts of vitamin D. From many hospital incidences, many up to 2/3 of patients who have gone through traumatic brain injury develop chronic fatigue in levels that become difficult to control. Laboratory controlled researches have given this wide variation and placed scientists in an awkward position, fatigued patients end up being supplied with high doses of the vitamin to turn round the pathetic situation they are faced with. The ailment upgrades it self to other levels causing hormone disturbances and may end up interfering with the pituitary gland and associated glands. This in itself wears out sleep, emotional stability gets removed, daily attention goes off and general well being get messed up. Fatigue is a disorder of high magnitude; it can result in instant death if not detected and handled early. The spill offs of fatigue runs into millions of dollars in rehabilitation camps. Whatever the case may be, vitamin B has come to demonstrate very clearly that even inpatients administered pills or injections have changed cause and recovered completely. The challenge usually is how to maintain the correct level and keep it from falling; this is a tough choice one has to make but I guess there is no choice but to go the right direction.