What Are Normal Vitamin D Levels?

Vitamin D is a basic need of our body and is necessary to maintain of vitamin d in the body make the bones stable, avoid from the fractures and to strength the skeleton. It is suggested that a person should check his vitamin d level to avoid the deficiency of vitamin d and overcome the deficiency if it exists.

25-hydroxyvitamin D was introduced as a proper test to check the level of vitamin d in human body. This test was recommended by the doctors to get info about the vitamin d in the body. 25-hydroxyvitamin D is the test which determines the bone weakness, bone malformation, or abnormal metabolism of calcium if it is occurring than it is a result of a deficiency or excess of vitamin D.

Vitamin d levels normal results of these tests show 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25-OH-D) in the blood serum occurs at 25-50 ng/ml (nanograms/milliliter).This results show that the person have sufficient amount of vitamin d in his body. The rage of test result for Vitamin d levels normal is due the age factor, physique, and other parameters. So test resulting in this rage in not always perfect but if the physician thinks that it is correct according to the age, weight and other condition of the person.

If the results show that the concentration of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25-OH-D) in the blood serum is 12 ng/ml (nanograms/milliliter).

If the level of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D in the blood is more than 50 ng/ml then the result tells that the body is facing excess of vitamin d.

Vitamin d levels normal tells us the person is not a patient of deficiency or excess of vitamin d. This is the parameter that tells the doctor suggests supplement to a person or to advise him to stop the dose of extra vitamin d for healthy reasons.

To maintain Vitamin d levels normal a person should has a perfect and healthy diet that have all the ingredients which fulfill the needs of vitamin d inside the body. He should also go for sun bath which gives large quantity of vitamin d via skin.

Vitamin d levels should be kept normal because it is very important for a person in every part of his/her life. Young babies need this for their growth; youngsters need it to maintain their body healthy and active, old persons especially the women of age fifty plus need to maintain levels normal to avoid fractures.